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My name is Larry Berwald.  As a guitarist for over 40 years, I have long been concerned with the care, maintenance and repair of stringed instruments.  For the last 20 years I have owned an average of 20 instruments at a time, often buying and selling, because frankly, I love them all!  All of these guitars, basses, dobros, mandolins, steel guitars, etc have been subject to my constant fiddling, tweaking and repairing; as a professional player, I needed to make them work their best.  For years I have owned various tools for guitar repair, as well as instructional books on the subject.    I have been doing routine repairs for a long time, such as normal setups and adjustments of electric and acoustic guitars, minor electrical and structural repairs, nut and saddle construction and aftermarket acoustic guitar amplification, to name some examples.     I’ve had the opportunity to work extensively with seasoned stringed repair craftsmen, which has enlightened me and expanded my knowledge exponentially!   These days I do every kind of repair including broken headstocks, neck resets and complete refret jobs.  I treat every instrument as though it were my own, and I take great pleasure in making even inexpensive instruments play and sound comparable to the high priced big boys!

My brick and mortar shop opened in 2011 at the School of Rock, Norfolk.   As of July 4, 2015 I am located in Music Go Round of Virginia Beach in the Lynnhaven Mall vicinity at 2720 N. Mall Drive #168.  See me there, and on Facebook where I have tons of photos of actual repairs!


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