Listed below are common repairs and typical prices for labor services.  Strings and parts are separate.  We can do banjos, mandolins, ukuleles and more at similar prices, so just ask!  See my Facebook page for lots of photos of common repairs.


Restringing.  No adjustments are included.   See Set-up


Restring Acoustic or Electric Guitar                                        $15

Slotted Headstock                                                                    $20

Classical Guitar: Tie on                                                            $20

12 String                                                                                   $25

Floyd Rose style bridge                                                            $25

4-String Bass  $2 per addl strings                                             $20


Set-up.  All Set-ups include restringing, bridge adjustment for intonation and string height, truss rod adjustment, parts lubrication, light fretboard clean and oil, electronics inspection and cleaning, tightening of all screws, bolts, and fasteners, overall inspection and light cleaning.


Acoustic Guitar                                                                        $60

Basic Electric Guitar                                                                 $60                         Floyd Rose Guitar                                                                   $100

4-String Electric Bass $10 per addl string                                  $60




Worn or rising frets and sharp edges, as well as some buzzing notes are among the problems caused by poor fret condition.  Some guitars leave the factory this way! A level and dress of the frets usually cures these problems, unless there is excessive fret wear, or the frets have already been filed too much.  Like a hardwood floor, you can only refinish so many times.  This service includes all the Set-up services above.  We need to look at your guitar to determine the best plan of action.


Fret Level, Crown and Dress                                                    $75 and up

Complete Refret Unbound finger board                                     $250

Complete Refret Bound fingerboard                                          $295

Neck Reset Acoustic guitar                                                         $250





Nut and Saddle


The points where your strings contact the guitar, contribute greatly to sound and feel.  I prefer to make these items by hand, but manufactured parts are available.  String slots that are too deep can be repaired on an existing nut or saddle.  Price x 1.5 for 12-String.


Install manufactured nut or saddle                                              $30 each

Hand-build and install nut                                                        $60 each

Repair slot damage…                                                               $20




Electronic repairs can be hard to price, as the diagnosis involves getting in there!  However there are some typical problems that are easy to address.


Static in controls                                                                        $10

Loose output jack                                                                     $10

Rewire output jack                                                                    $20

Replace pot                                                                              $20

Replace switch                                                                          $30

Install pickup into Acoustic guitar                                              $50 and up

Replace Electric Guitar pickups                                                $50 and up


Major Repairs


Neck resets, broken headstocks, wood cracks and various disasters can often be repaired.  The photo of a recent headstock replacement I completed, is a dramatic example, and an all too frequent occurrence!  Obviously these are priced on a case by case basis, but broken headstocks and cracked necks often cost less than $100, so don’t be afraid to ask!

Bridges on acoustic guitars are prone to come unglued, causing the strings to be too high, and potentially damaging your instrument.  The average price for this repair is about $75, so if you can slide a business card under part of the backside of your bridge, loosen the strings and gve me a call!  On my Facebook page you will see many photo examples of this condition.




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